Monday, May 21, 2012

Unpivot In SSIS

         Using Unpivot component in SSIS is a very easy task.  Following is the source table which I extracting from a excel source. It shows Application Software categorization and I want to get those categories (Business,Communication and Graphics) in to rows.

Business Communication Graphics
School Administration Software Microsoft Email Software 3D Graphics Software
Time Tracking Software BitTorrent Clients Image Viewers
Cost Analysis Software WordPress

Following figure shows the Data Flow task of the ssis package.

Following is how we have to configure the Unpivot component. In here Destination Column name should be same for every input column.  Other destination column name is the pivot key value column name.  You can see these column headers in out put.

This is how we have the out put after the unpivot operation.

Category Application Software
Business School Administration Software
Communication Microsoft Email Software
Graphics 3D Graphics Software
Business Time Tracking Software
Communication BitTorrent Clients
Graphics Image Viewers
Business Cost Analysis Software
Communication WordPress

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