Monday, May 21, 2012

Set Default Value of PerformancePoint Filter

        Basically default value of  a PerformancePoint filter is the default value of  the  relevant dimension. Following shows how to set default value of SSAS dimension. In my example I use dimTime dimension. I want to create a filter using dimTime dimension.

I’m going to use YearMonth member of dimTime dimension for the filter. So I set default value of YearMonth as shown in above figure.

Set Default Value Dynamically

Moreover we can use MDX expression to set the default value dynamically. Using that we can change the default value according to purpose.

Above MDX expression use to set the current month as default value in my scenario.
Now when I create PerformancePoint filter, this value becomes the default value.!!



  1. Would you please tell how to open dialogs you mentioned in the post? I see nothing in SharePoint 2010.

    1. Hi,

      This is all about a performance point filter's default values. Please visit following link where you can see more comments regarding your matter.

  2. Hi,
    Can i get a key for the corresponding values in PPS Filter.?

  3. Hi,
    As you can see I have used attribute key in above expression.